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Monday, September 25 2023

Things are looking better and better every day.  I feel confident that I can do a 45-60 day turn around.  I still get days that I don't feel great and have to take more breaks than the old me - mostly side effects from all the new meds but the Cardiac Rehab and my Cardiac Dr assures me I am fine.   I am walking several times and week, eating healthy and taking meds as prescribed.   I don't like the meds part but that just gives me an incentive to do them so I can get off them sooner.

I am still having some issues with my hands but I am able to do the machine bindings and the Front only bindings,  I have even started back to work on a quilt I started for my grandson back in Jan.  Life is looking up.

We still have a little bit of time for Holiday quilts if you need.

Newletter will be coming soon but for now I can update you easier on the blog.

Thanks so much for all your support


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Tuesday, September 19 2023

A Lot has happened in this year,  My mom passed away March 29th and just as we were getting through that I had a heart attack 

 In mid July.  I am recovering and working just a good bit slower.  I take breaks when I need to, I get my walks in and cook a healthy meal.   Anyway after both of these things happening back to back, and to be honest the heart attack took me down for almost a solid month so I am so glad to be back in my studio, my happyplace,  I have gone to a 60-90 day turn around time.  Right now I am doing good and staying ahead of things but these things have taught me that I must build in more of a cushion and more relaxing time for me.

My Mother also did all my binding for me,  I have been able to handle the machine bindings but I no longer offer hand binding with the exception on sewing on the front side only.  I know many of my customers are not able to do there own binding so I just ask if you are able to do the binding please do and if you can not I am willing to do Maching.

Thank you so much for all your understanding 

I am getting stronger every day


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