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Friday, June 12 2009

Often I get the question of what type of Batting do I like the best.  Here are some thoughts on the subject:

The batting I like most is Warm and Natural or Dream Cotton Deluxe.  Warm and Natural holds up very well to quilting of any type.  Dream Cotton Deluxe is a heavy batting and holds up great for dense type quilting that is often done in custom quilting for show.  Another great show quilting batting is Wool such as Hobbs Wool, since you are likely to be shipping the quilt, Wool batting does not have a memory so when the quilt is hung you will not have fold creases.  I have also found this to be true with the new Fairfield Bamboo Batting, a bit pricey but it quilts great and hangs very nice.

Dream cotton Select is a little bit lighter weight than that of the Deluxe and also works well. 

For every day type of quilting I would go with the Warm and Natural batting.  It just works well and you won't break the bank.

Children's quilts should always have cotton batting - Babies can not remove their own covers and Polyester batting could cause the baby to become too Hot.  Also the fire factor you should consider always using the natural fiber of Cotton.

As for Poly batting I like the Hobbs Poly Down batting, it has a softness of the Down and will give a little poof to the quilting.  You should choose a looser quilting so not to quilt all the batting down to nothing.  I personally do not care for Poly batting but many people do - you may want to consider an 80/20 that will still give the poof factor but is mostly a natural fiber of cotton.

Cotton and Bamboo are both GREEN and good for the environment and since we are all much more aware of this these days that is a good thing.  Also because they are natural fibers I think that they are much more comfortable to sleep under and snuggle up with.

If you have any ideas you would like to share on the subject please feel free to email me at


Bring a discount coupon from any store for Warm and Natural batting and I will honor the discount up to 50% off the regular price.


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Friday, June 12 2009

I am working on a newsletter to hopefully send out soon but in the meantime I plan on using the Blog to keep everyone updated so you can check here once in awhile.

I am going to be posting some info on batting, backing and many other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Friday, June 12 2009

Busy packing for a weekend in the TN Mountains.  My Step Sister invited us up for a few days to bring the kids.  Now that they are OUT OF SCHOOL it is time to enjoy the Summer vacation.  Well the kids will be in Camp all summer but this will be a nice weekend.

Other than that I am joining the new era of Technology, I know its about time.  I now have and Ipod and just love it so don't forget to leave a message if I don't answer the phone because sometimes I am plugged in and rocking out while quilting and just don't hear the phone ring.  Also if the Quilting machine is in high gear I don't hear a thing, thus the need for an Ipod now at least I can plug my earphones in and have some entertainment while working. 

I just finished a wonderful sassy chicken quilt for a customer and I  will be posting photo's of it soon so check back often.

I am testing out Twitter so you can find me on there as Rockingmawmaw - this is all new to me so we will see how it goes.

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Monday, June 08 2009

The Month of May was very busy with lots of gardening and lawn work.  Wanting to take advantage of the nice weather, Mom and I put in a full vege garden at the kids house.  (Yes, I still did some quilting).   We celebrated my Grandsons 6th Birthday with a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge and did they ever have fun.

Now it is June already and it sure is HOT.  So time to stay inside and quilt.  I made a trip to our great local quilt shop Bernina Sew Much Fun, at Concord Mills to pick up a Stencil.  Need I tell you that I left with a bag of fabric and Susan Edmondson's Latest pattern Not in My Martini - Thanks to Kay for bringing her quilt in for quilting I loved it so much I just had to get the pattern.  Anyway,  I did not find the Stencil but it was a great trip.

Lots of quilting this week then we are off for a short weekend in the Mountains with the kids.  Just us Ladies and Kids, sound like Fun!  So we are starting to enjoy life again and it feels good.   

I should have a few quilt photos to share as soon as I find the time to take them.  Keep the quilts coming this summer it is much tooo Hot to be outside.


Happy Quilting


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