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Sunday, September 17 2017

I have just updated all my edge to edge catalog's and posted them on the website.  I was thrilled to find an easy way to print the catalog's again.  

This is one of my most time consuming task,  I normally add a few new patterns each month and it has been hard to keep the catalog's updated.  

hope you enjoy!

Thanks and happy quilting


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Saturday, September 16 2017

I have listed my website in google maps however it shows up as a sewing company.  It seems that even after all these years Long arm quilter's simply have no category.  

Now I get asked all the time if I will make a quilt for hire.  I am sorry but I no longer have time to do that for other people.  It is that choose your Niche thing again and there just is not enough time in the day.  I do have a person that I can send you to if you are interested in having a T-Shirt quilt made and I do send work to her all the time in that area.

The main focus of my business is quilting the quilt tops that you have made.  I just love doing it and have been doing this since 1999.  I am now up to 3 computerized machines.  One Nolting and 2 Gammills.   Most of the quilting I do is Edge to Edge.  My general rule is that I scale the designs with no more that 2-3 inches left un-quilted.  I like scales that look realistic, so if that flower would be 2-3 inches in life that is what I want to see it on the quilt.   I can go smaller and/or larger if you like,  just make sure you tell me each and every time because as much as I would like to say I will remember, I will not remember who likes what each time.

I am still trying to shift my website searches back here to this site so again please be patient and just know I am still here, still working and still loving life.

Thanks and Happy Quilting


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Thursday, September 14 2017

Oh My,  I feel as if I have come home again.   I have missed the friendliness and interaction with this website provider.  I simply feel more connected to my customers here.  If you had not noticed and do not know what I am talking about - about 6 months ago I changed to another provider and thought I really wanted to have an on-line shop.  Well I was quickly reminded that you really do have to pick your niche in this world and mine is quilting.  I leave the product sales to the quilt shops, that is there niche.  

I am glad to be home again here at Ebiz website and so very grateful that all my info was maintained during my absence.  I plan to close my other website just as soon as I can but if you want some great deals in the store part of it you can visit it at.  - notice that sight only has on S in the name but I am the same person,  It may be a bit confusing until I get it all wrapped up.  I really am the same person on both sites.

Thanks so much for your patience and please feel free to send along as many quilts as you like and as often as you like.  Quilting is my passion.


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